Porch Light Color Meanings 2024 [Red Blue Green + More]

Those different porch light colors that you’ve noticed on your neighbors houses and other residential property are not usually just for decorative purposes. Porch light colors can communicate different messages and indicate support for particular causes. Below is an overview of different porch light color meanings:

  • Blue Light: Autism awareness, and show support to police officers.
  • Green Light: Celebrating Veterans’ day. And honoring St. Patrick’s day.
  • Red Light: Heart health awareness, Supporting the American Heart Association.
  • Purple Light: Domestic violence awareness.
  • Orange Light: Rallying cry for justice.
  • Pink Light: Breast cancer awareness

Read on to discover the detail behind what these different porch light colors symbolize.

What Does A Blue Porch Light Mean? – Facts About Blue Porch Light Meaning

Now let’s look at the different meanings of a blue porch light. The reasons that people use a blue porch light may surprise you.

World Autism Awareness

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day, and many people like to show their support for people with autism. The autism advocacy charity, called Autism Speaks, started a campaign called “Light It Up Blue”, which encouraged people to wear or display something blue on April 2nd. This theme of blue to raise people’s awareness of autism is represented by the blue porch light.

However, you won’t only see blue porch lights on April 2nd. This is because America supports autism for the entirety of April, so you’ll see blue porch lights in the run up to April 2nd, throughout all of April, and even into early May.

Showing Support For Police And Law Enforcement

A blue porch light is also used to show support for the work of police officers and everything law enforcement officers do to tackle crime.

In 2020 there was a big focus on police officers and law enforcement agents in the wake of fatal incidents with citizens. Many police departments came under heavy scrutiny and there was intense criticism of police in the media.

In response to this, some members of the public created a movement, often called “Back The Blue”. This movement was about showing respect and support for police officers.

Part of “backing the blue” involved having a blue porch light. Also, many house holders displayed an American flag with a blue stripe on their porch, in addition to a blue porch light. This became an enduring movement and many home owners now choose to have a blue porch light permanently.

What Does A Green Porch Light Mean? – Facts About Green Porch Light Meaning

Let’s look at the various meanings of a green porch light and why people choose to have this color.

Celebrating Veterans By Supporting Veterans’ Day

A green porch light is associated with the celebration of veterans. Americans have always shown respect for the brave men and women who serve our country. And on November 11th every year, Americans get the chance to show that respect to the fullest, because November 11th is Veterans’ Day.

Green is the color chosen to celebrate veterans, since it links into the general color theme of soldier’s uniforms and other associated paraphernalia.

You’ll often notice your neighbors keeping a green porch light throughout the entire month of November in honor of Veteran’s Day. Using a green porch light for the entire month can communicate a wonderful sentiment to any former or current members of the armed forces who live in the neighborhood.

St Patricks Day

Many Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th, and a green porch light is used to represent the day. Green is the chosen color as it symbolizes luck, and the ‘lucky’ clover plant. Many people of Irish descent will also wear green clothing on St. Patrick’s Day.

What Does A Red Porch Light Mean? – Facts About Red Porch Light Meaning

We’re sure you’ve seen red porch lights before, but what does it mean? Let’s get to the facts of why people use a red porch light.

American heart health awareness

The month of February is American Heart health awareness month. The American Heart Association asks residents to decorate their porch with a red light to spread awareness about heart health. So, you may notice your neighbors using a red porch light for the full month to show support for heart healthy lifestyles.

Valentine’s Day

Some people will use a red porch light on February 14th to symbolize valentine’s Day. You may also notice heart decorations and red rose decorations, in addition to a red porch light. This is most likely if the householder has planned something romantic or exciting for their partner.

Red porch light myths

It was once believed that a red porch light meant that the home did not contain any guns. However, this is false and it was a myth created by a hoax website.

What Does A Purple Porch Light Mean? – Facts About Purple Porch Light Meaning

Purple porch lights are less common than some others. But what are people communicating when they use them? Let’s find out.

Domestic Violence awareness

October is domestic violence awareness month and a purple porch light represents this cause. The campaign related to domestic violence awareness is known as ‘Purple Light Nights’ and aims to concentrate minds on those suffering in domestic violence situations. The campaign’s slogan is ‘shine a light and save a life’.

By using a purple porch light during October you’re making a clear statement that you’re against domestic violence and support with the victims. You’re also making it clear that your home is a safe place for women and children and whoever else may be experiencing domestic violence.

What Does An Orange Porch Light Mean? – Facts About Orange Porch Light Meaning

Orange porch lights have been used for some time. Let’s look at the meanings of an orange porch light.

Rallying Cry for Justice

Orange porch lights were used heavily in the city of Delphi in 2017 after two teenage girls were murdered. The campaign was called Light Up Delphi and it was a cry for justice, a cry to find the man who murdered those girls.

It wasn’t just citizens in delphi who used orange porch lights to show support, people in New York and Washington also lit their porches with orange lights.


Orange and black are often colors associated with Halloween. For this reason, you may notice your neighbors using orange porch lights on October 31st to celebrate Halloween.

Orange porch lights can be lively and bright in many instances. But deeper orange colors can add a ghoulish and spooky feel to your porch and home. Perfect for Halloween.

What Does A Pink Porch Light Mean? – Facts About Pink Porch Light Meaning

A pink porch light is probably the rarest porch light you’ll come across. But what does it mean? Let’s look at the facts behind the meaning of a pink porch light.

Breast cancer awareness

Pink porch lights are rarer to see than the other porch light colors discussed in the article, but they are no less significant. Typically pink porch lights are used to raise awareness of breast cancer. The main time you’ll see your neighbors using pink porch lights is in October, which is breast cancer awareness month.

Using a pink porch light is to show solidarity with women who have suffered from or are suffering from breast cancer.

What Color Light Is Best For The Front Porch?

A porch is considered one of the many types of rooms in a house. Many people believe that the best color lights for the front porch are a warm white, a natural white or a warm yellow color. These are the most popular colors as they are neutral, while also giving a good amount of light for visitors and the house occupants. Practically speaking, a porch light should be the color that best enables you to light your porch to your satisfaction.

Further, it never hurts to change your porch lights to different colors if you’re seeking to show support for any of the occasions and events discussed in this article.

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