40 Different Types Of Rooms In A House [With Pictures]

There are at least 40 different types of rooms in a house that you can find. These include: bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, nursery, shower room, games room, laundry room, storage room, panic room, basement, pantry, sunroom, attic, playroom, equipment room, home theatre room, guest bedroom and many more. Read on to discover the full list of rooms, their uses and pictures of them.

List Of 40 Different Types Of Rooms In A House

While you may not be familiar with all them, there are plenty types of rooms in a house. Below you will find a list of all 40 of them including pictures.

1. Living Room

Living Room

A living room is also known as a front room, sitting room, lounge, or reception room. It’s the room in the house where the occupants will gather together, relax, and socialize. It’s also the room in the house where guests and visitors may be received, seated, and entertained. The living room almost always contains large form seating which can accommodate multiple people such as sofas, couches or lazy boy chairs or settees.

2. Bedroom

Bedroom - types of Rooms in a house

A house or other type of residential property will contain a bedroom – which is a room that is used for sleeping. A bedroom will normally contain at least one bed, although it may be a double bed, a bunk bed, a sofa bed or other type of bed. A bedroom is considered a required room for a residential property.

3. Kitchen

Kitchen - types of rooms in a house

A kitchen is the room in a house or other residential property where food preparation and cooking takes place. It’s also often where food is stored, for example, in cupboards and a refrigerator. A kitchen often contains a stove, microwave, kettle and other kitchen preparation equipment and appliances.

If a kitchen is large enough to accommodate table and dining chairs, then in many households, eating meals often also takes place in the kitchen as well. A kitchen is considered an essential room for a residential property. With that said, many non residential properties, such as offices and factories will have a room containing a microwave and a kettle where workers can heat up food and make hot drinks.

4. Bathroom

Bathroom - types of Rooms in a house

Every house will have a room dedicated to personal hygiene and personal cleanliness; this is known as a bathroom. A typical bathroom will contain a bathtub, wash basin and toilet. Additionally, many bathrooms also contain a shower, whether it be a dedicated walk-in shower, or a shower attached to the bathtub.

The walls in a bathroom are often fully tiled or partially tiled, and painted with waterproof paint to handle the fact that a lot of water often gets splashed about! A bathroom is considered an essential room in a home.

5. Dining Room

Dining Room - rooms in a house

A dining room is a dedicated room where food and meals are eaten – as the name suggests. A dining room will typically contain a dining table and dining chairs. A dining room is normally located directly next to a kitchen for convenience, this is so that when the food is cooked it can be quickly and easily transported from the kitchen.

Not all homes and houses contain a dining room. In some homes where there is no dining room, the kitchen may be large enough to accommodate table and chairs. This means that meals will be eaten in the ‘dining area’ of the kitchen. And if the kitchen is not large enough for table and chairs, and there is no dining room either, then meals are typically eaten in the living room.

6. Laundry Room

Laundry Room

In some houses there is a room dedicated to washing clothes, drying clothes and ironing. This is often known as a laundry room, but can also be called a utility room. Laundry rooms often contain a washing machine, clothes dryer, iron and ironing board. Laundry rooms are typically on the first floor of a house, and often located in the rear of a home, near the kitchen.

7. Half Bath / Toilet room

Toilet W.C Lavatory

A half bathroom is room containing only a toilet and a wash basin. Many households enjoy having such a room in addition to a full bathroom as it can ease hallway congestion and reduce bathroom queues. Some realtors also claim that having a half bath can increase the value of a home by as much as 12%.

8. Nursery

Nursery - rooms in a house

Another answer to the question; what are the different types of rooms in a house? Is a nursery. A nursery is a type of bedroom dedicated to a small child, typically a baby, infant, or toddler. A nursery typically contains a crib, or some other type of very small bed, a diaper changing area and often a rocking chair.

Very often, nurseries are the smallest room in a home, but can also be large, depending on the overall size of the house.

9. Sunroom

Sunroom - types of rooms in a house

This type of room in a house is a room designed to let in copius and abundant sunlight. Sunrooms have windows of a much larger size compared to other rooms in a house. In fact, many sunrooms will have floor to ceiling windows and a roof constructed mainly of glass, in order to ensure the room receives as much sunlight as possible.

Sunrooms will typically look out onto a garden, and contain large comfortable chairs as well as table. A sunroom is sometimes called a solarium or a sun porch.

10. Mudroom

mudroom types of rooms in a house
image credit: https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/remodeling/budget-remodels/weekend-projects-for-organizers/

A mudroom is a room in a house that is normally accessed from a back door or side door entrance to a house. It’s a room dedicated to receiving either the household occupants or guests when they are dirtied by rain, mud, sand, or other outdoor materials.

A mudroom allows people to remove grubby and wet shoes, boots and clothing, thereby avoiding bringing filth and dirt into the main house. A mudroom typically contains a waterproof bench and a water supply via a faucet or shower head.

11. Shower Room

Shower room - types of rooms in a house

Many homes have a room which contains only a walk in shower and a wash basin. This is known as a shower room, though it can also be called a wet room. For some large households, a shower room can be very beneficial in addition to a bathroom, as it means multiple occupants can engage in personal cleanliness simultaneously. This allows large households to cut down on bathroom wait times.

12. Home Office

Home Office - types of rooms in a house

Also known as a study, a home office is a room dedicated to quiet work, such as computer work or reading.

Anything that can be done in a commercial office space can typically be done from a home office, as long as the right equipment is present. These include; computer programming, web designing, accounting and spreadsheet work, customer service work, phone based work, teaching and tutoring work, and many other types besides.

Many people work from home and will use a home office to carry out their job duties.

A typical home office will consist of a desk, a chair, a computer, filing cabinet, shelves and drawers.

13. Gym Room

Home Gym - types of rooms in a house

As the name suggests, a gym room is a room dedicated to fitness and working out. The fitness equipment found in a home gym will normally depend on what type of fitness the householder is interested in.

For someone interested in body building and gaining muscle, their home gym may contain a lifting bench, kettle bells and a cable machine. But if interested in cardio fitness and flexibility, then the home gym may contain a treadmill, yoga equipment and an exercise ball.

In a family household, the home gym normally contains a mix of different types of equipment to meet the different needs of the family members.

14. Games Room

games room - types of rooms in a house

A games room is a room dedicated to games based entertainment. This can include video games or electronic games such as gaming consoles and virtual reality games. It can also include non electronic games, like pool table, darts, air hockey, board games and other indoor gaming activities.

A games room is typically located on the first floor of a house, and is normally one of the larger rooms, especially if it contains a pool table.

15. Greenhouse

greenhouse types of rooms in a house

A greenhouse is a room at the back of a house that’s primarily made of glass. A greenhouse is used to grow plants, and certain types of fruits and vegetables, with tomatoes and cucumbers being very common.

A greenhouse might not be directly attached to the back of a house, instead it might be a small stand alone glass building in the garden. In this case, a greenhouse can be considered a type of outbuilding.

16. Panic Room

anic room types of rooms in a house

Another answer to the different types of rooms in a house, is a panic room. A panic room is also known as a safe room. It’s a room designed to provide safety, security and shelter in the event you experience a home invasion or some other type of home attack.

This type of room is often a secret room in a home with a secret entrance. This means that its location is obscured and camouflaged, therefore an intruder could search the entire house and not be able to find the location of the panic room. This is exactly what you would want if your home or life was being threatened by intruders.

A panic room will typically contain a security camera feed, so you can see what’s happening in the rest of the house, food supplies, and communication equipment so you can contact law enforcement.

Typically, panic rooms will be made from reinforced toughened materials to ensure they’re resistant to battering and other intrusion methods.

17. Equipment Room

equipment room types of rooms in a house
image credit: https://www.storeyourboard.com/

An equipment room is where various types of outdoor activity equipment is stored. This would include items such as bikes, skateboards, hockey sticks, skis and helmets.

This type of room would be located on the first floor of a house, and would allow for easy access to the outside.

18. Playroom

playroom - rooms in a house

As the name suggests, a playroom is a room designed for play. It differs from a games room as it is typically designed for very young children, normally aged 2 to 10 years old.

A playroom will include lots of toys, both educational and just for fun’s sake. You would expect to find things like table and chairs, arts and crafts items, chalkboards, dolls and jigsaw puzzles. You will also often find situational toys like mini kitchens, and other toys like trucks and lego.

A playroom will also often have comfortable soft flooring and walls and surfaces that are easy to wipe down and clean.

19. Root Cellar

root cellar - types of rooms in a house
image credit: https://www.theseasonalhomestead.com/30-best-storage-vegetables-and-varieties-for-winter-cold-storage/

A root cellar is a room that is used to store vegetables, nuts, fruits and other types of foods. A root cellar uses the natural temperature of the surrounding earth and soil to keep food preserved in good edible condition. For this reason, root cellars are typically built underground or at least partially underground.

Root cellars were used before man made refrigerators and refrigeration processes were created. It’s the ‘natural’ way to store food for the long term and is a storage method popular with home preppers and other survivalists.

20. Balcony

balcony - types of rooms in a house

A balcony is an outside platform attached to a bedroom, or some other room on the second floor of a house. Rooms which have a balcony attached to them will provide access to it through doors which are made primarily of glass or other transparent material.

Balconies will typically have enough room for at least 1 chair and a small table. This means you can spend time on the balcony, reading, eating or drinking, for example. Some balconies will be large enough to accommodate multiple people.

21. Family Room

family room types of rooms in a house
image credit: https://emilyjeanneandco.com/play-is-the-work-of-childhood/

It may seem at first that a family room could be considered the same as a living room. But, a family room differs from a living room in that it is not a room in which guests and visitors will be received.

A family room is often a lot more casual and relaxed in its décor and furnishings compared to a more formal living room. Often family rooms will have a section of the room dedicated to toys and games – almost a mini playroom. The family room is where the family will chill out, often eat snacks, play board games and watch TV.

22. Boiler Room

boiler room - types rooms in a house

A boiler room is a room in a house dedicated to the storage of the boiler and other electrical and mechanical equipment. Homes with underfloor heating, zoned heating, and other types of heating arrangements will often have a dedicated boiler room. This type of room is where the boiler, and all the valves and piping required for the different heating arrangements originate from.

Needless to say, the boiler room is not a room where householders will spend any prolonged time in. Although the home owner may enter it to check things are working as required. But given the technical nature of the equipment in the room, any maintenance works required will typically be undertaken by a trained professional.

23. Wine Cellar

wine cellar types of rooms in a house

As the name suggests, a wine cellar is where bottles of wine are aged and stored. Wine cellars are below the first floor of a house and could be converted from a basement, or could be separate and unrelated to the basement.

A wine cellar relies upon the natural temperatures of earth to keep the wine stored in perfect condition. Ideally, a wine cellar should be both the coldest and most humid part of the home. Some householders will also store other alcoholic beverages in a wine cellar.

Many homes do not have a wine cellar. For this reason, many householders turn use wine refrigerators to keep their bottles of wine perfectly preserved.

24. Porch

Porch - types of rooms in a house

A porch is an unenclosed outside platform area at the front of a house. It’s often called a front porch. A porch is at first floor level and typically spans the full width of a house. Many porches contain seating such as ordinary chairs or specialist porch swings.

Many people enjoy sitting in the front porch reading, talking to neighbors or just watching the world go by. Being that porches are an outside area attached to a house, they are exposed to the elements, therefore they require occasional maintenance work.

To light their porches, most people use white light bulbs. However it’s become common to see people use different color lighting to show their support for different causes. Find out what different porch light colors mean, including blue, green, red and orange.

25. Attic


Found on the very top floor of a house directly below a pitched roof, an attic is a room that can have many uses.

Some people use an attic as a bedroom if it’s large enough. This typically requires a level of remodelling and construction work to make the room a usable and comfortable bedroom. Others may use the attic room to store items they rarely use or have little need for. Often times attic rooms are dusty and a little dark, especially if used to store old rarely used items.

Since they are right at the top of a house and require a ladder to gain access, attics are not usually convenient storage spaces for large or bulky items. This is because lifting and shifting large bulky items while trying to maintain balance on a ladder can prove dangerous.

26. Loft

loft room

In many houses a loft would be synonymous with an attic. However, although it is directly below a pitched roof, typically a loft will not span the full square footage of a house, in the same way that an attic does.

More differences include the fact that a loft is often a lot smaller in size and only partially enclosed. This means that has open access on one side, which normally has a ladder or staircase attached to it, and no actual door. Many people will use a loft as a storage space for various items.

27. Garage

Garage room

A garage is an enclosed room typically used to store a car or other types of motor vehicles. Garages will normally be found to the side of a house. A garage may be directly attached to a house, or may not be directly attached. If directly attached to a house, then a garage can often be accessed from an internal door within the house itself, as well as via the main garage door which faces the street.

If not attached to a house, the garage can only be accessed via the main garage door which faces the street.

Although normally used to house a car, garages are often used to store work tools, work benches, bikes and other types of equipment.

28. Master Bedroom

Master bedroom

This specific type of bedroom is the largest bedroom in a house. The master bedroom will typically be occupied by the homeowner(s) or main rent payer(s). In a family home, the master bedroom will be the parent’s room.

Not all bedrooms in a home will be able to comfortably accommodate a double bed, but a master bedroom will always be able to fit in a double bed comfortably.

As you can see in the image above, the bedroom floor is wood, while a rug has been placed on the floor underneath the bed. This is actually a great way to stop a bed from sliding on a wooden floor.

Another way the master bedroom may differ from other rooms is in the quality of furniture or bed. A bed in the master bedroom may have a high quality mattress such as a TempurPedic mattress, which lasts for several years.

A master bedroom is typically located at the front of a house on the second floor. In many homes, a master bedroom will have an ensuite bathroom attached to it.

29. Children’s Bedroom

childrens bedroom
image credit: https://www.prettyinprintart.com/blogs/blog/fun-animal-safari-themed-room

This type of room in a house is a room that is slept in by the children in a household. This type of bedroom differs from a nursery as it’s typically for older children. As such, it won’t have a crib or diaper changing area.

Children’s bedrooms are normally decorated with items, objects and images that reflect a child’s interests such as outer space, animals, cars or music etc.

Children’s bedrooms tend be larger than nurseries, but smaller than the master bedroom.

30. Guest Room

Guest room

A guest room is a bedroom for guests and visitors to sleep in. Guest rooms are normally dedicated, spare rooms that are not usually used by the household occupants themselves. Although in some households, another room, such as the home office may double up as a guest room when the need arises.

31. En Suite Bathroom

ensuite bathroom
Image credit: https://jhmrad.com/small-ensuite-ideas-pictures-16-photo-gallery/small-ensuite-bathroom-ideas-remodel-decor-2/

An en suite bathroom is a bathroom that is attached to a bedroom, typically a master bedroom. This means that an en suite bathroom can only be accessed walking though that bedroom. This is very different to a family bathroom that can be accessed via a common use corridor or hallway. For this reason, an en suite bathroom is normally only used by the person or people who occupy the bedroom it’s attached to.

En suite bathrooms can be small rooms with walk in shower and wash basin only, or they can be large bathrooms, with a bathtub, shower, toilet and wash basin.

Having an en suite bathroom can be a major selling point when trying to sell a home.

32. Walk In Closet

Walk in closet

As the name suggests, a walk-in closet is a room in a house dedicated to the storage of clothes, shoes and other apparel. While regular closets or wardrobes do allow for apparel storage, they are pieces of moveable furniture, and are not rooms in and of themselves.

A walk-in closet will typically have different sections for different types of clothing, for example there will be a section where dresses can be hung, a section where pants can be folded and stored, a section for dress shirts, a section for belts, scarves, hats and other accessories.

Walk-in wardrobes offer the benefit of being large enough to store all of your clothes, shoes and accessories in one single place. Rather than having those items stored in different places around your home.

33. Basement

basement room

A basement is the part of a house that is below the first floor, meaning that you would walk down stairs to access the basement. Typically, a basement will span the full square footage of a home or property, which normally means it’s a large space.

Usually, basements are used for storage of bulky items and objects and not much else. However, many households choose to turn their basements into spaces that offer more than just storage. For example, some may turn their basements into home gyms, or a home office, or a workshop, or a games room, or even a bedroom.

To achieve any of the above uses, a basement will have to undergo a remodelling process to make it a habitable space.

34. Pantry

Pantry - rooms in a house
image credit: https://treehouse.co/us/blog/kitchen-pantry-discover-3-clever-pantry-organization-ideas.html

Normally attached directly to a kitchen, a pantry is a room where food and beverages are stored. Pantries differ from cupboards as they are much larger and you can walk into a pantry the same way you can walk into any room.

Pantries normally have shelves and drawers to keep items organized. Many people store food preparation in equipment in pantries as well, such as blenders and kitchen scales.

Pantries are particularly useful for households who need to buy and store lots of food due to being a large family.

35. Linen Room

linen room

A linen room is a room that is used to store linen and bedding such as, towels, pillow cases, duvets, throw blankets, throw pillows, bed sheets and similar.

You might also store a sheepskin rug in a linen room after you’ve cleaned the sheepskin rug and are letting it air dry.

Linen closets can be found on either the first floor or second floor of a house, but are more often located on the second floor. Linen rooms tend be a much smaller sized room compared to others in a house.

36. Homeschool Room

homeschool room
image credit: https://ohhappyplay.com/

As the name suggests, a homeschool room is a room in a house where homeschooling takes place. It’s where parents or adults will deliver daily school classes to children. It’s basically a scaled down version of a typical classroom.

A homeschool room will usually contain, desks, chairs, computers, books, chalkboard, white board and other educational equipment.

Often, a school room will be a dedicated room in a home, but sometimes it can be a sectioned off area in the children’s playroom.

37. Storage Shed

shed garden

A storage shed is a single story outbuilding. Storage sheds are typically located in the back yard of a house, but can sometimes be found in the front yard.

As the name implies, a storage shed is used to store items, specifically outdoor power equipment, and other items that wouldn’t be practical to store in a house. This includes, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, log splitters, and other similar items. 

Sheds can be made out of wood, metal or plastic.

38. Entryway

image credit: https://www.clare.com/blogs/articles/boho-living-room-decor

An entryway is the part of the house that you immediately step into and see when walking through the front door of a house. As you would expect, an entryway is always located at the front of a house.

Some entryways can be large and spacious, while others can be smaller and feel cramped.  An entryway will usually have coat hooks or a coat closet, it may also have a bench and a place to put shoes depending on the size. In most cases, the flooring of an entryway will be a type of tile, wood or other non-carpet material.

Many people like to make their entryway as practical and as stylish as possible, due to the fact it’s the very first thing guests and visitors see upon entering a home.

39. Library Room

library room

Some homes are large enough to contain a library. This is a room dedicated to the storage of books, magazines and newspapers. Householders will spend time in a library reading, working or doing some other types of quiet activities.

Library rooms will contain bookcases and shelves for book storage. In larger library rooms, there will be a sliding ladder or wheeled ladder to facilitate easy access and retrieval of books.

40. Home Theater Room

home theater room
image credit: https://www.skiinluxury.com/blog/best-luxury-self-catered-chalets-in-france/

A theatre room is a room dedicated to watching movies and films. It’s a scaled down home version of a public theatre.

Theater rooms will contain a very large projector screen, the exact size would depend on the size of the room itself. Theater rooms will contain comfortable upholstered seating. There furniture in a home theatre room will often allow drinks and snacks to be stored in arm rests and in between seats as found in public theaters.

What Rooms Are The Top 7 Rooms In A House?

Practically speaking, the top seven rooms in a house include the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, basement, dining room and office. With that said, we’ve taken you through the most common 40 types of rooms in a house to give you a more rounded understanding.

What Are Some Unique Rooms In A House?

Unique rooms in a house include a panic room, library room, homeschool room, boiler room, nursery, sunroom, mudroom and a pantry. Different houses may have other rooms completely unique to them in order to suit the needs of the occupants. Practically speaking, many rooms in a house can be considered unique as no 2 rooms in different houses are ever identical.

What Is The Most Important Room In A House?

It is often said that the kitchen is the most important room in a house. However, many would argue that in fact the kitchen and the bathroom are both of equal first importance in a house. Consider the fact that no home loan providers will lend money for a property that doesn’t have a kitchen or a bathroom. This is because both of those rooms are essential for a building to be classified as habitable.

Final Thoughts On Different Types Of Rooms In A House

By reading this article you will have been able to answer the question; what are the different types on rooms in a house? Not only that, you will have seen visual examples and pictures of these various rooms.

It’s true to say that most people will only have around 5 to 9 of these types of rooms in their own home. But it’s always great to have a good understanding of home interiors and what types of rooms you can create if you have the space.

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